Cyber Security Consulting

Modernizing your technology capabilities is more than a necessity to compete in an increasingly digitalized world where Digital Technology Analytics is an advantage; configuring your operating model and your costs to these priorities helps make sure everyone is doing the right job. Cyber ​​Security covers ensuring the security of assets that interact with information (application, system, network, etc.) in institutions.
By analyzing your information security against malicious people, programs and institutions, we take our measures against malicious elements with our expert engineers.
Information security consultancy defines what needs to be done for security during daily routine operation, all precautions to be taken before the attack, the actions to be taken during the attack and the actions to be taken after the attack.

Important Steps of Information Security Consulting:
. Analyzing the assets of the institution to be served and determining which security measures are needed,
. Identifying and prioritizing risks that the organization may face,
. To identify the threats that may arise against the assets of the organization,
. Creating security protocols/rules and designing security plans to protect the organization's assets,
. To stay in dialogue with the authorities of the institution, to keep the employees and stakeholders up-to-date on security risks and measures,
. Coordinating the team of security experts and sharing tasks,
. Performing vulnerability assessment tests covering steps such as analyzing possible threats with risk assessment tests, reducing the risk as much as possible by determining the actions to be taken, and reporting the findings,
. Using up-to-date security systems, tools and technologies,
. To ensure effectiveness and continuity by ensuring that all procedures are repeatable.

Cyber ​​Security Consulting Services
Penetration Tests, DoS / DDoS, Performance and Load Tests, Source Code Security Audit Service, Linux / UNIX System Security Hardening Service, Windows System Security Hardening Service, ISO 27001 (ISMS) Installation and Management, Web and Mobile Application Security Tests , Malware Analysis, PCI DSS Consulting, Information Security Breach and Incident Management Service, SOC Consulting Service, Cyber ​​Crime and Forensics Analysis, Cyber ​​Exercise and Security Efficiency Measurement, Open Source Code Security Solutions, APT Testing and Analysis Service, Log Management and Correlation Service, Information Security Project Management Service, Enterprise Information Security Trainings, Penetration Test Results Closure and Support Service, Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Service, Normshield Security Vulnerability Management System, Outsource Information Security Expert Supply, SCADA Installation, ICS / SCADA Security Tests and Security, Sustainable Information Security Awareness Program, Information Security Scorecard for Institutions Creation, SIEM Correlation and SOME Drill Service


Corporate Information Security

It includes our consultancy services for the implementation of security policies such as system continuity and the transmission/storage of information without impairing the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information by helping to protect institutions from internal and external cyber threats.


Penetration Tests

With Penetration Testing, security vulnerabilities, design weaknesses and risks are revealed and all information resources of the institution are secured. You will be prepared for attacks that may affect the continuity of your business.


Malware Analysis

It aims to analyze malicious software, which are common in corporate network environments and cannot be noticed by classical security software (Antivirus, HIPS, etc.), to determine their effects and activities, and to carry out necessary studies to remove them from the system.