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• By providing a comprehensive set of telephone services to all personnel in different locations, it improves communication, increases employee productivity and customer interaction.
• OpenTouch™ improves collaboration thanks to its strong integration with multi-party, multimedia and multi-device speech services.
• Optimizes operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, reliability and safety with its wide application ecosystem in hotel/tourism, healthcare, education, transportation, energy, finance and banking, customer service, state and local government.
• Increases business continuity thanks to its powerful telephone infrastructure, which is used in hundreds of thousands of businesses, including very large global companies.
• Telecommunication bills; lowest cost routing, local VoIP over Wide Area Networks, and centralized off-net digital and SIP lines.
• Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) through highly scalable software that lowers operating costs and increases IT capabilities, enabling centralized and virtualized deployments.
• Developed for medium and large-sized companies, it protects advanced IT investments without the need for dedicated high-level technical resources and personnel.



The term "IP phone" means a phone that provides voice communication via internet protocol, internet or intranet. IP phone converts analog audio signals to digital signals and packages them in data packets that can be transferred via Internet Protocol.


Robust Secure Telephony Infrastructure

Robust Secure Telephony InfrastructureVoice quality and implementation of routing rules provide a high-performance security solution with integrated encryption and multi-layered backup that ensures uninterrupted branch office communication even during disasters.


Flexible Architecture

Centralized, distributed or hybrid networks are seamlessly transitioned to centralized IP networks. It works on both Alcatel-Lucent LAN/WLAN networks and other providers' networks.