Software Licensing

What is Licensing?
It is a contract that allows a software manufacturer's copyrighted product to use existing software by the institution or person purchasing that product.

Why Licensing?
Computer software is under legal protection under the "Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works". With the amendments made to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works on March 3, 2001, the penalties for using, copying or selling pirated software are as follows:
> Fines from 24.000 TL to 121.000 TL for each missing license
> Imprisonment from 2 years to 6 years without conversion to money
> Dismissal for up to 3 years
> Seizure of computers with pirated software

What Do We Do Within the Scope of Licensing?
Determining the licensing model and transferring the benefit obtained from the selected licensing model to the institution requires great competence and experience. Conscious licensing provides great benefits both in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Our company, with its expert and experienced staff, investigates the software needs of institutions in the software licensing process, examines their existing software and creates a special licensing model in line with the interests of the institution. Our company, which offers the most suitable price and licensing options to institutions according to the current campaign and special conditions, ensures maximum benefit from the opportunities obtained with the selected license.

What are the Benefits of Licensing?
> You will not lose your reputation as you will not be included in the lists of pirated software users.
> You will not be affected by the negativities such as viruses and faulty software brought along by pirated software.
> You can use the product effectively by getting technical support and consultancy service about the software.
> Since you will have sufficient documentation and resources, you will have trouble-free work.
> You can obtain new versions of the software you use at a much more affordable cost.


OEM License

An OEM license is only a license for the computer on which it is installed. For this reason, a separate OEM license must be obtained with each new computer, and the "Certificate of Authenticity" label must be affixed to the machine.


Box License

It is a license that comes out of retail and box products.


Open License

Open license is a widely available, low cost and flexible volume licensing program that allows any customer to license multiple copies of software.