Smart Transportation Systems

The purpose of Intelligent Transportation Systems is to increase road safety, road capacity, mobility, travel comfort and speed, while reducing the negative effects of transportation on human, environment and energy resources, thus increasing the current and future efficiency of individuals and institutions. For this purpose, it is accepted as a prerequisite for the continuity of the system that the real persons and institutions working in this field, as well as the system actors consisting of physical and software hardware constituting the technological infrastructure, work in harmony with each other.

When it comes to security systems, the first thing that comes to mind is MOZ; Closed-circuit video and recording systems have state-of-the-art systems that allow a certain area to be monitored by using a variety of cameras, recording the obtained images and displaying them on video screens. With the increasing importance of security today, new developments in the installation of the system; has included these systems in a wide variety of living spaces.

Speed, safety, convenience and comfort are among the indispensable elements in transportation. Transport of people and goods from one point to another is getting much smarter. Vehicle tracking, license plate recognition, smart intersection management systems are already widely used. As can be easily understood from these examples, Intelligent Transportation Systems consist of many technology-based components. Vehicles, materials, control systems, sensors, cameras, software, information display systems are some of these components.


Smart Transportation

They are systems that include monitoring, measurement, analysis and control, with multi-dimensional data exchange between the user-vehicle-infrastructure-centre, developed for purposes such as shortening travel times, increasing traffic safety, optimum use of existing road capacities, and reducing the damage to the environment.



While reducing the negative effects of transportation on human, environment and energy resources, we increase the present and future efficiency of individuals and institutions.


Rule Violation Inspection System

They are systems established to detect vehicles that violate rules on inner and outer city roads.